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Magnolia LA



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The Magnolia Chopper 4-Piece Handlebars.

We made these because no other brand makes handlebars like this. We wanted to create a simple, compact, pre-cut, indestructible 4-piece handlebar with a narrow box, low upsweep, and a 7/8" crossbar. Every other 4-piece handlebar either has a large box, high upsweep, 9"+ rise, and/or a smaller diameter crossbar.

Made in the U.S.A. by S&M Bikes, these bars were actually based off the S&M Castillo bars of the late 90's but with a higher rise and modern geometry.

Narrow enough to split lanes in the streets and wide enough to float through your local jumps, the Chopper bars will kill anything you put in front of them just like a real stick. Named after New Orleans aka Chopper City as well as the bars on narrow Chopper motorcycles, we are happy to release the Chopper bars.

Also available are the Chopper XL's with a higher rise!

Chopper Bars:

-11º Backsweep

-2º Upsweep

-26.5" Wide (Pre-cut)

-8" Rise

-7/8" Crossbar

-Narrow Box

-.083" Tubing


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